Some things to watch for these days when buying surplus, and some random rambling

Just a heads up to folks out there shopping- no matter if you buy from my website or anywhere else (but I don’t pull this crap on my customers).

If you are looking for MOLLE pack straps, watch out. For whatever reason half of the ones out there these days are missing the bottom halves. And they are useless without them. So watch those guys selling them for super low prices. I saw one guy on Ebay selling them like that because “that is how they are issued”. What BS.

Don’t forget, if it says military “style” or GI “style” or “type”, there is a 99.9% chance it is a cheap Chinese knock off. Those are the buzzwords less than honest dealers and vendors use to try and pass cheap copies .

If you want some used woodland MOLLE gear, now is the time to buy, or even stock up.  No more is being issued, and the amount coming out surplus is starting to decline. We are seeing the bottom of the market in prices now, and as supplies dry up prices will eventually rise.

A few years ago the Amy shifted to issuing training 5.56 ammo for use in M16’s on ranges that is packed in cardboard boxes. Previously it had come in ammo cans and bandoleers. The result is that it costs a good bit less for the taxpayers, but that also means that there are a lot less .50cal ammo cans out there on the market. The days of the $5 ammo cans have passed us by, and I doubt we will see them again.



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