A rant about fake veterans

 Really? Really? Is your life so pathetic that you have to go around pretending to be something you are not?

I know most of you are out there saying “Most of them can’t be stupid enough to actually try to pull that off in a surplus store?” Yeah, they are. Seems like surplus stores and gun stores attract the idiots.

A guy just left here after telling me all about his super secret Iraq missions before the invasion, where he had Saddam in his sights but the White House told him not to fire. Sometimes I will confront them, this mouth breather wasn’t even worth the effort.

Here are some of my favorites:

Dude comes in my shop with some stuff to sell. Says he is just back from Afghanistan. I ask what province he was in, since I was recently back as well,  he got a blank stare and they said “well, all over”. Then I asked where he spent most of his time- his answer “Bahrain”. Bahrain? I pushed further and the guy just left.

 One time a guy came in saying how he was Navy UDT before they were called SEALs and telling me about all his exploits. Then he went to his car to get the “Navy SEAL knife” that he was issued in the 50’s and carried through Vietnam. He brought in a USAF pilots survival knife with a manufacture date of 1995. Had it since the 50’s eh?

 My favorite gun shop has a guy coming in claiming he was a USMC sniper with 500+ confirmed kills, all done with a British .303 Enfield.

A guy claiming he was part of a super secret USAF team in Vietnam who were the last ones out of a super secret airfield that was there a year after Saigon fell, and they “blew up the runway with Claymores” just as the last plane took off with them so the enemy couldn’t use it. For those of you who have never seen one go off, a Claymore is devastating on flesh, but at best it would slightly chip the concrete on a runway.

 Guys walk in here all the time 175 pounds overweight looking for Navy SEAL items. I don’t even carry any SEAL insignia because guys who are actual SEAL’s know where to buy this stuff or already have it, and I won’t enable these imposters.

 They always go big- SEAL, Sniper, Ranger. Nobody ever fakes being a cook or mechanic. The new trend is now “I was a contractor”. I guess they figure than one is easier to BS. I have heard guys at the gunshow tell people all about their time contracting in Iraq- except these guys have been selling at gun shows every month since before 9/11. Did they get to come home on the weekends?

Then I get the guys in here that I can clearly can tell are shopping to try to pass themselves off as fake veterans. An exchange will go like this:

 Poser ”Do you sell medals and ribbons?”

Me “We do, what do you need?”

Poser “Can I look at them?”

Me “We keep them behind the counter, just tell me what you need.”

Poser “Well, I need to look at them to see what I want.”

Now anybody who has a legitimate need for awards knows what awards they need. If you can’t name the awards, no way you will remember what color sequence each award is. These guys want to pick stuff that looks good. And that is why if you can’t tell me what you need, you don’t just go rummaging through awards picking ones you think look sharp. Not in my shop anyway. I would rather miss a $5 sale than help these scumbags go be something they are not.

If anyone wants to read all about these idiots being busted, check our the POW Network website. And if you suspect you know one, send them the info, they will expose them if they are a faker.

 And if you are going around trying to pass yourself off as something you are not, please stay the hell out of my store.



5 responses to “A rant about fake veterans

  1. Thank you for your vigilance.

    I worked for someone who was actually UDT in the late 50’s and went on to launch a nationally known company and a respected military educational support organization.

    I still don’t know if these folks need mental help or judicial retention, but civil shunning seems the least we can do to deter the misappropriation of public support of real veterans. While I am not of the caliber to have served the U.S. in the military, I can not see how someone can live with themselves claiming that valor that they have not earned.


  2. I’m not a veteran so if I don’t use the right terms or descriptions forgive me. The last time I was in my local surplus shop there was an older man buying a set of BDUs, a Marine beret/cap, issue style boots, etc. He was asking the staff what I thought were very strange questions like “how do the Marines lace these boots and is this how they wear the cap?”

    Creeped me out. If I didn’t hate cops, I would have considered calling them but I figured the surplus shop staff could handle it better anyway. Later I thought that I should have snapped a picture with my phone and passed it on to a friend who was an actual Marine. I’ve dealt with one Vietnam imposter before and that bullshit isn’t cool with me. Just like the 1st commenter, thank you for your vigilance.

    • Gabe, not much good in calling the cops, until they actually make flase claims it isn’t a crime (at that law was recently struck down).

      There again, that could have been an innocent purchase. I have helped a number of folks who were buying for a part in a play or to present a historical presentation. It boils down to intent- claiming to be something you are not is the part that makes you a sh*thead, no matter if you wear a uniform or part of one or not.

  3. I was a county veterans officer for 23 years and I ran into some fakes. The worst thing was having someone thinking I was stupid enough to believe certain stories. One fellow told me he flew air force jets off aircraft carriers. On man told me he was a green beret but it was not on his DD-214. In all that time I had only two people tell me that they actually killed someone and I felt both were fakes. Most people who kill people never mention it and if you were rude enough to ask, they will evade the question.

  4. These idiots are everywhere and seem to be multiplying, they’re also not just confined to military impostors. (although those are the worst) Just two months ago I was sitting in a biology class and the guy next to me was telling me how he was a local firefighter paramedic for the past several years. Then he tells me he’s at a fire department that I used to be a member of and works for a EMS service that used to be my previous employer. So I asked him how the fire chief was doing as well as a few employees at the EMS service I used to work for since I hadn’t seen them all in a few years. He looked at me like I was crazy, he didn’t even know the name of the chief of the fire department where he supposedly worked. On top of that he had ZERO fire or medical knowledge as well……..Wouldn’t be surprised if he was the douche bag who was wanting to go through your ribbons…….

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