A simple but flexible AR-15 accessory- the magazine bandoleer

The AR-15 series rifles have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past decade. Once just popular with collectors and those with an interest in military arms, the AR-15 is now seen as a serious rifle for varmint hunters, deer hunters in larger calibers, recreational and competitive shooters, and more. Law enforcement has moved more to the AR-15 to replace the shotgun due to the more accurate shot placement it offers and the longer range, and many are seeing the AR series as a great home defense platform, as with the proper ammo it will penetrate walls less than buckshot will.

With this surge in popularity has come a huge surge in accessories. It is now quite easy to spend twice what you pay for the rifle in accessories for it. But there are often low cost alternatives that will serve you will.

One of those is the US Military MOLLE magazine bandoleer. These are made of heavy duty MILSPEC nylon and hold 6 30 round mags, with a shoulder strap. They are a perfect platform for a home defense shooter who wants to have some magazines  handy. Or the military user who wants his backup ammo in a package he can grab and go with instead of just im magazines loose somewhere. of just the recreational shooter who wants to keep his magazines organized.

A number of our law enforcement customers have purchased these for active shooter response it is a bag they can grab and deploy with quickly. They are adding  an IFAK style first aid kit hanging from the shoulder strap, or some are putting the first aid supplies into one of the pockets and using the other two pockets to hold 4 magazines. Either way you get a package that is rugged, compact, and quick and easy to grab and deploy with when you need it. And by using military surplus instead of buying new stuff, you get a far better value for you money.

For all of you with AR-15’s, how are you stowing and carrying you magazines?











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