Cotton shortages, new parachute cord colors, other great blogs

Yes, we have more colors of parachute cord now- 20+ colors! If you have been looking for more colors, we have them, and we expect to add about 10 more in a few weeks. There are even multicolored parachute cord weaves now! we source all our parachute cord from only US manufacturers, it is 100% MILSPEC made in the USA cord with the 7 strand core. With the growing popularity of braiding parachute cord into bracelets, keychains, and even rifle slings, sales have surged. A lot of customers are also buying our MOLLE Replacement Buckle Sets to use when making the bigger projects like rifle slings.

Made any neat stuff with our para cord? Send us pictures of your projects to and I will post a gallery of customer projects!

Did you know there is a worldwide cotton shortage? Yep, there is. That has affected the supply of some items we sell. Right now manufacturers like Tru-Spec are having a hard time keeping up with demand because they cannot find cloth, so they are back ordering items like the 24/7 series pants on us, often for over a month. Prices on them have not risen yet, but we expect them too soon. On clothing there is about a 4-5 month lag time from price increase of material to price increase on the street.

However, canvas tarps have a much shorter lag time, and we are already seeing almost 20% increases on them. We have a new order due in this week, and will have to adjust prices when they arrive.

Bottom line- if you anticipate buying anything made with cotton in the next 12 months, consider buying now to beat the price increases.

Lastly, but certainly not least, a big thanks to John over at No Lawyers- Only Guns and Money for his kind words and great write up about our store! If you don’t follow his blog, you should, he is a great source of info on current 2nd Amendment Issues in NC and across the country!

Thanks everyone!



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