Fire Resistant Clothing for Fire, EMS and Rescue

A great announcement to local fire departments and rescue squads- we can now get the Tru-spec X-Fire clothing, as well as the Tru-Spec Cordura Baselayer t-shirts. The X-Fire clothing is made from a new Interlock fabric that offers fire protection equal to or greater than than that of regular Nomex fabric, while being more durable. Developed as a spin-off of the fire resistant clothing that was developed for use by the military due to the IED threat, this clothing is now available for fire department uniform and station wear.

All of the X-Fire clothing is fully NFPA rated for use as station wear and as wildland fire fighting clothing, so you can provide your department members with one uniform that fills both roles. By having to buy only one set, you save money. It is certified to NFPA 2112-2007, NFPA 70E, and NFPA 1977 specs. Why settle for pants designed for cops or rock climbing when clothing designed for firefighters, rated to protect you, is available?

The Cordura baselayer shirts have a technology that gives you a fabric that is loose fitting, wicks moisture away like many of the sport fabrics, but is a no melt/no drip fabric for use in high heat/ high risk environments. This technology also developed off the new clothing developed for the military. The end result is a very comfortable T-shirt that also affords a layer of protection as well. These shirts are NFPA 2112 rated for thermal protective performance and NFPA 1975 for thermal stability, and are also fully screen printable. So the next time you are looking to buy some shirts for your department, consider buying some that have some protective ability as well.

For anyone interested in buying these, contact me at and I can provide quotes and arrange for you to see some samples once I get back from Korea. I have posted all the technical specs at the bottom of this post for you to review if interested. We will not be stocking these since it is an item that will be almost exclusively department orders, but we can have most orders to you in under a week and can match, and almost always beat, any advertised price on these.

My apologies for the delay in posts, as mentioned I am in Korea for a few weeks on other business, but I am also trying to keep up with the stuff for the shop back home, and of course we are still open and ready to take care of you. With luck I will get to visit a surplus store in Korea and get you some pictures.


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