Spring Cleaning- Online yard sale this week, catch some great deals!

Ok folks, it is spring cleaning time, and we are going to try something new. All this coming week we will be posting things we come across as we clean on our Facebook Page and that will repopulate right to our Twitter feed. We will post a picture and the price- first person to post “I’ll take it” gets first dibs on the item. On small stuff I will try to include the shipping quote, on bigger stuff we will have to use your zip code to get a quote but we will only charge the actual Fedex Ground rates.

You don’t have to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, the pages can be seen by everyone, but you will stand a better chance of seeing the stuff first if you do.

Only one rule- don’t claim the item if you don’t intend to follow through and buy it, that just will piss off everyone else who wanted it.

This is all stuff we have that we don’t have enough of to list on the website, but it is good stuff and we will be letting it go cheap. And while we usually don’t take Paypal, for this event we will make an exception to that rule.


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