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Cotton shortages, new parachute cord colors, other great blogs

Yes, we have more colors of parachute cord now- 20+ colors! If you have been looking for more colors, we have them, and we expect to add about 10 more in a few weeks. There are even multicolored parachute cord weaves now! we source all our parachute cord from only US manufacturers, it is 100% MILSPEC made in the USA cord with the 7 strand core. With the growing popularity of braiding parachute cord into bracelets, keychains, and even rifle slings, sales have surged. A lot of customers are also buying our MOLLE Replacement Buckle Sets to use when making the bigger projects like rifle slings.

Made any neat stuff with our para cord? Send us pictures of your projects to and I will post a gallery of customer projects!

Did you know there is a worldwide cotton shortage? Yep, there is. That has affected the supply of some items we sell. Right now manufacturers like Tru-Spec are having a hard time keeping up with demand because they cannot find cloth, so they are back ordering items like the 24/7 series pants on us, often for over a month. Prices on them have not risen yet, but we expect them too soon. On clothing there is about a 4-5 month lag time from price increase of material to price increase on the street.

However, canvas tarps have a much shorter lag time, and we are already seeing almost 20% increases on them. We have a new order due in this week, and will have to adjust prices when they arrive.

Bottom line- if you anticipate buying anything made with cotton in the next 12 months, consider buying now to beat the price increases.

Lastly, but certainly not least, a big thanks to John over at No Lawyers- Only Guns and Money for his kind words and great write up about our store! If you don’t follow his blog, you should, he is a great source of info on current 2nd Amendment Issues in NC and across the country!

Thanks everyone!



A simple but flexible AR-15 accessory- the magazine bandoleer

The AR-15 series rifles have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past decade. Once just popular with collectors and those with an interest in military arms, the AR-15 is now seen as a serious rifle for varmint hunters, deer hunters in larger calibers, recreational and competitive shooters, and more. Law enforcement has moved more to the AR-15 to replace the shotgun due to the more accurate shot placement it offers and the longer range, and many are seeing the AR series as a great home defense platform, as with the proper ammo it will penetrate walls less than buckshot will.

With this surge in popularity has come a huge surge in accessories. It is now quite easy to spend twice what you pay for the rifle in accessories for it. But there are often low cost alternatives that will serve you will.

One of those is the US Military MOLLE magazine bandoleer. These are made of heavy duty MILSPEC nylon and hold 6 30 round mags, with a shoulder strap. They are a perfect platform for a home defense shooter who wants to have some magazines  handy. Or the military user who wants his backup ammo in a package he can grab and go with instead of just im magazines loose somewhere. of just the recreational shooter who wants to keep his magazines organized.

A number of our law enforcement customers have purchased these for active shooter response it is a bag they can grab and deploy with quickly. They are adding  an IFAK style first aid kit hanging from the shoulder strap, or some are putting the first aid supplies into one of the pockets and using the other two pockets to hold 4 magazines. Either way you get a package that is rugged, compact, and quick and easy to grab and deploy with when you need it. And by using military surplus instead of buying new stuff, you get a far better value for you money.

For all of you with AR-15’s, how are you stowing and carrying you magazines?










Why surplus MOLLE gear can be your best value in tactical gear.

There have never been more people in the business of making tactical gear than there are today. 10 years of the GWOT, new technology, and the rapid spread of new ideas have spurred development like never before.

There are manufacturers on the top of their game- like HSGI, Eagle, Tactical Tailor, Raine and Spec-Ops who make great gear, and make it in the USA. Their gear is great, but it is also pricey, proving that you do get what you pay for.

There are vendors selling imported stuff that is of marginal quality, or just junk. If it says made in China, it falls in this category. The only thing this stuff has going for it is price.

And there are all levels in between. Stuff made in the US that isn’t so hot, stuff made in Korea that is good. It leaves a lot too look at when you are in the market.

But there is one thing that most people don’t look at, and they should, because it is a viable option that, for most buyers of  tactical gear, it is their best value. And that is USGI surplus MOLLE gear.

Why? In the last 15 years the issued equipment has come a long way. A USGI MOLLE mag pouch or shingle works, it holds the mags, it stays on. Yeah it may not be as high-speed as some, but it gets the job done, and at a fraction of the price. A USGI 100rd SAW pouch holds 20rd mags for an M14, HK-91 or similar rifles well.

Just got an AR-15 and need a cheap, basic way to hold the magazines? One of the military issue 6 mag bandoleers will do that for under $10. Lots of our law enforcement customers are getting these for active shooter response, they put 4 mags in the first 2 pouches, then first aid gear in the last one. Cheap, rugged, simple and quick to grab and go. Why drop $200+ on a solution that won’t do much more?

Need a basic tactical vest, the basic riflemans set, as pictured below is under $40. It holds 6 mags plus a canteen, with plenty of space to add more pouches. All that for less than some vendors get just for mag pouches.

Packs? The later generation USGI surplus MOLLE packs in desert, coyote or ACU digital are great packs, well made, and as rugged or more than the high dollar ones, at about 25% of the price.

USGI Surplus MOLLE gear is:

  • 100% American made
  • Rugged
  • Held to strict quality standards
  • You know it is made from 100% MILSPEC fabric that meets all specs for durability and low IR reflective signature.
  • And it is cheap. You get gear that is all of the above, but priced often even cheaper than the crappy Chinese imports. So you get the best of both worlds.

If you don’t see a color you want, you can also dye the USGI stuff to meet your needs- coming soon is a write up on how to dye/paint it and what colors work.

So, before you buy cheap gear, or before you buy high end gear, take a look at the real USGI surplus stuff and see if it will meet your needs. If you were shopping for expensive gear, you can save a bundle and still end up with quality gear. If you were shopping for cheap gear you can spend the same amount and get stuff that is far better than anything imported. You don’t have to go exclusively with surplus, surplus pouches hook to a different MOLLE/PALS vest just fine, and vice-versa.

You can save hundreds of dollars, and still have a rig that carries your gear just fine. And you can put that money saved toward training classes, weapons, or other stuff that will return far greater dividends than paying 10 times the price for gear that is only maybe 10% better in how it works. You may not win any geardo fashion shows, but I bet if you are reading this still you don’t care about what people think about your gear, only that it works.

I could try and sell you a bunch of stuff that costs a lot more and tell you that unless you drop hundreds of dollars on gear to carry magazines and gear you will fail. Plenty of vendors out there doing that. But I would rather sell you what you what will get the job done at the best value for your dollar. These days, getting the best value goes a long way.